Hello and welcome!

This website is my humble attempt to create a database of games. “What type of games?” you may be thinking. Well in short, all of them. I’m talking board games, card games, yard games, basically any type of game you can think of. The one exception being video games. While I do love video games, I personally prefer playing them alone and honestly there are just too many games out there to review. I can just hear my project management professor’s voice ringing in my head “define your scope and stick to it”.

The purpose of this website is to bring people together through fun and competitive games. My vision and hope is to someday have a fully functioning database of games that you can search and filter through seamlessly.  Once you find the game you are looking for there will be an overview of how the game is played, average time to play, difficulty rating, and reviews for the game.

This website and database is a “for fun” project for me. I do have a full time job so this will be a slow work in progress. 🙂

If you have any questions/suggestions/feedback, you can click the Contact link and send me a message!